These instructions are for the assembly of the lodge in situ (built as two units but joined during construction rather than being built as two separate halves that are joined together as the last act of construction). Even though the unit will be built in situ the units two halves of the Lodge must be not be permanently  fixed using nails and or glue, All joins between the two halves are to be made using bolts or screws.



Assemble one side of the chassis by laying the 90mm x 225mm x 12192mm lengths of Glulam along the outer pillars and the 65mm x 225 x 12192mm length along the central pillars. Joins the lengths with the 90mm x 225mm x 2807mm end cross members. These can be nailed or screwed on each corner. Make sure chassis is square and DPC and is sitting on DPC membrane.

Repeat for the other side of the chassis butting together the central glulam lengths to form two rectangle chassis

Using a 12mm drill bit, drill 10 holes at 1200mm centres and using the 150mm Nuts and Bolts, bolt together the two chassis.


Starting at the lounge end of the chassis place a floor cassette squarely on top of each side of the chassis. Make sure the open ends meet in the middle. Once they are square to chassis and square to each other nail to chassis. DO NOT NAIL TO EACH OTHER AT THE OPEN CENTRE.

Now lay another by locking the cassettes together using the overlap on the flooring. Nail to previous cassette and to chassis. AGAIN DO NOT NAIL TO OPPOSITE CASSETTE.

Repeat until all Chassis is covered. Trim off the last overlap and use this to fill in the first overlap on the first cassettes you laid.  Using the OSB provided fill in exposed 500mm central sections.

Cover floor with plastic sheeting to protect from elements.


Lay the 140mm x 45mm External Wall starter plate around the outside of flooring. Do not overlap central join.

Lay the 45mm 45mm central starter plat along each side of the central join (DO NOT NAIL TOGETHER)

Lay the remaining 89mm internal panel starter plates


Erect external panels as per plan. Use nails to fix panels to starter plate and each other EXCEPT the two Bedroom RIDGE BEAM panels and the two Lounge RIDGE BEAM panels. These need to be bolted together. Drill 3 holes evenly through the panels and join using the 12mm threaded bars and Nuts.




Fix 140mm 12 degree angle head binder plate around top of External panels


The ridge beams are made up of a right hand side and left hand side. They are angled 12 degrees to allow for the vaulted T&G roof to be fitted on top. Each side comprises of a 7240mm length and a 5880 mm length. Before fixing in place bolt the left hand 7240mm length to the right hand 5880mm length using the 130mm threaded bars and bolts through the pre-drilled counter sunk holes. Repeat for the right hand 7240 length and the left hand 5880mm length. The overlapping beams will be bolted together once beams are lifted into place

Once all blots are in place lift the beams into the slots in the centre of the ridge. Use strops and telehandler to lift and guide beams.  There should be a 548mm over hang each end. Fix remaining bolts in place. Wedges may be needed to fill any gaps and square up the beams in the panel saddles (Ridge Beam Guides). Once the beam is square secure to panels. AGAIN NAIL ONLY LEFT HAND PANELS TO LEFT HAND BEAM AND RIGHT HAND PANELS TO RIGH HAND BEAM.

Fix Purlins into place on the end External Panels as per drawing.



Using the 65mm x 225mm pine T&G deck the entire roof starting from the end of the ridge beam. Before nailing in place use liberal amounts of Mastic on top of the head binder plate to fill in the T&G gaps. Nail to one half of ridge beam and head binder plate. KEEPING SQUARE along the length. When finished lay chalk line to cut roof decking to a length of 3627mm from ridge (this gives roughly 500mm overhang).  Cut should be square to allow fixing of facia board.

Cover Roof Decking immediately or as you are decking it with 1000 vapour barrier.


On top of the vapour barrier fix the 38mm x 50mm battens at 600mm centres from Ridge to the edge of the decking. Now stretch the superquilt over these battens fixing in place with staples to create an air pocket beneath. Lay the SuperQuilt length ways starting at the point the roof decking meets the external wall panels (No need to insulate the overhang).

Next nail the 25mm x 50mm battens on top of the 38mm battens effectively sandwiching the SuperQuilt in place. Giving a total gap of 63 mm

Once all the secondary battens have been fixed in place cover the whole roof with the 15mm or 18mm OSB.  Complete roof by fixing facia board along sides and gables and covering roof with breathable water proof roof felt.


Fix 25mm x 45mm battens horizontally around lodge at 800mm centres

Fix 125mm (100 finished) larch to battens using nail gun. Follow Cladding Drawing detail. The long lengths are used for the gable ends. The shorter lengths are used for the sides. The shorter lengths should be around 2.4m and should just cover the floor cassettes.

Once all the back boards are in place fix the top boards in place by overlapping the back boards. These will have to be fixed by hammer and nails as the nail gun will mark the planned Larch.